Hi, I'm Susanna
and I'm your Italian teacher

Susanna - Italian teacher & Founder

Let’s be clear. If you’re looking to learn Italian from 0 to 100 in 1 month, then I am NOT the teacher you’re looking for.

As every language, Italian is a living being that constantly evolves. Learning it requires passion, determination and curiosity. And this is because Italian is not just made of words and grammatical rules, but of culture and traditions. Of people.

Learning Italian is a complex and exciting journey: come aboard and I will be happy to guide you in this adventure.

1-to-1 classes

Here you can learn or improve your Italian, thanks to one-to-one classes: there are several types of classes, so choose according to your needs!

All the lessons are in Italian, but if you are a beginner, we can translate each time the concepts to help you understand Italian better! 

Hope to see you in our classes!

Read before Booking

Here's how to book your lesson

95% of people who study a language on their own never really learn it.

For this reason, if you truly want to learn Italian, you need my help.


  • Native teacher who will teach you grammar, vocabulary, standard and conversational Italian.
  • Several kinds of lesson.
  • More than 10 years experience of teaching online to foreigners.
  • More than 100 students who have learned or are still studying with me.
  • Teaching material ready to help you.
  • Languages spoken: English, French, Spanish.


Have any doubts about the Italian language? Would like to have more information about my classes and courses? Want to give some suggestions?

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Arkos Academy is an online Italian school founded by Susanna Fossaluzza. 

Our aim is helping foreign students to improve their level of Italian.


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