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Learn Italian beyond words: immerse yourself into culture, an adventure blending seriousness with fun, grammar with speaking.

With Susanna, Italian is learned, laughed and lived, creating memories and skills that last a lifetime.

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Stories, Dreams, Passion

More Than Just Numbers

Over 10 years of passion and dedication, I’ve had the privilege of welcoming 130 students, each with their own name, story, and dream of speaking Italian. For them and with them, I’ve created 40 courses, books, and educational materials, designed to make every student feel at home, part of a lively and engaging learning experience. Here, you’re never just a number; you’re part of a family that grows, learns, and laughs together.

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What I can offer you

Whether you’re seeking a personalized approach through private lessons or looking to enrich your learning with dynamic resources like podcasts and interactive exercises, here you find everything you need to master Italian. With Arkos Academy, every resource is crafted to inspire, motivate, and support your path towards fluent mastery of Italian.


Arkos Academy’s private lessons are tailored to offer a comprehensive and personalized Italian learning experience. Choose between a General learning or a Conversation lesson.


In all of my teaching years I’ve created online courses and written books to help my students understand and develop several aspect of the Italian language.


Never forget: oral comprehension is fundamental in your learning. Listen to the podcasts I personally created and recorded, test your comprehension with the exercises.


Still unsure about my teaching method? Have a glimpse with the free resources I offer: PDfs and video courses that’ll give you some advices to improve your Italian.


Find Out More About Private Classes

Here’s a typical structure of the 1-to-1 classes I offer:

Please remember that, at the start of your educational journey, we’ll define a customized path based on your specific requests and needs. This tailored approach ensures that each lesson not only meets your language goals but also helps you achieve them in the most effective and fulfilling way possible.


Most Popular Resources


Learn Italian whenever and wherever with Arkos Academy’s most popular Courses and Resources.

L'Italiano in Prima Pagina

A monthly magazine to boost your Italian while reading interesting articles and enjoy yourself with crosswords and quizzes.

100+ Italian Verbs with Prepositions

Learn more than 100 Italian verbs that need a specific preposition: use this guide to make your Italian learning easier!

Musica Italiana

This course will help you enhance your oral understanding of Italian, while listening to the most beautiful and famous Italian songs.


Success Testimonials

Tracy - USA

    Suzanna is a fabulous, dedicated Italian teacher. She speaks slowly and clearly so that I can understand her and she stays in Italian and explains in Italian, without reverting to English, which I greatly appreciate. Her enthusiasm is definitely contagious! Highly recommend!

    Tracy - USA

    Didem - UK

      Susanna is always supportive and she encourages me a lot. She explains everything very clearly and it makes it much easier for me. I had to give a break and couldn’t practice at all but we caught up today and now I’m back in track. Grazie Susanna! 🙂

      Didem - UK

      Gustavo - Brasile

        Mamma mia! Non posso credere che questa è stata la mia sessantesima lezione con Susanna! Oggi le ho raccontato delle novità su alcuni cambiati nella mia vita. Abbiamo anche parlato su un disastro ambientale e umano che ha colpito Brasile qualche giorno fa.

        Gustavo - Brasile

        Flor - Argentina

          Muy clara, precisa y eficiente. Una gran experiencia. Realmente poder tomar una clase de lo que te gusta con alguien nativo y que esté tan bien preparado para dar la clase un placer.

          Flor - Argentina

          Jennifer - USA

            lesson was excellent. learned a new phrase today "non funziona più" - la perfetta espressione per le regole italiane!

            Jennifer - USA

            Rainer - Germania

              Sono passati 7 anni da quando ho cominciato a fare lezione con Susanna. È sempre un grande piacere, l'ora passa veloce tra risate e mille argomenti.

              Rainer - Germania


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